Some Data Management Questions You Should Be Asking

Some Data Management Questions You Should Be Asking

By Marc Edwards, B.Sc. , PMP, Content Analyticss, bpms, MBA

Here is an interesting article by Eric D. Brown describing how important data is to digital transformation. Specifically, there are three questions organizations should ask themselves when managing their data:

  1. What types of data are you collecting?
  2. Where is it stored?
  3. What are you doing with it?

Mr. Brown accurately states that while transactional data (sales, financial, etc.) will get the bulk of the attention during the initial throes of a digital transformation, these three questions will play a pivotal role in your digital transformation, especially when you start to deal with the new generation of machine- or sensor-generated data, which will grow at a far faster rate than transactional data.

One think I would like you get from this is that while these questions are a great start, they’re not the entire spectrum of things to consider. Assessing the true value of your data can be more complicated and will require as much governance as any other strategic asset.

How is it for you? Are you asking these questions about your data?


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