Thoughts on an “Uber” healthcare


I recently came across an article by Davis Liu speculating on the reality of an “Uber for healthcare” within the next ten years. Needless to say, after re-posting this article, it received a lot of views from a lot of interested health care providers. While I won’t go over the entire article in detail, I can summarize as follows:

  • Uber made the taxi experience more convenient as cash doesn’t exchange hands
  • The plethora of GPS navigation apps narrowed the knowledge gap between taxi drivers and non-taxi drivers and made those unique skills easily available for everyone with internet connection
  • The equivalent “equalizing” software for health care is not available as yet

While the above points are valid, there is still a vast number of other significant roadblocks to be hurdled even if “uberized” technology was introduced to healthcare. After all, healthcare is a far more complicated beast that the taxi industry with much more regulation. In addition, would it mean that ANYONE could provide healthcare in the future? I will write my thoughts on this in future posts, but for now, let me know what you think.